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Death Stranding game volume revealed!

Click Media – According to recent reports, it looks like the volume of Death Stranding will be around 55 GB, which may increase with the release of add-on packs.

After the release of Red Dead Redemption 2's unique work on the PC platform was officially confirmed, and Rockstar Games announced the game's required system, announcing its final size of 135 GB, the space required to install video titles to one of the The most important and hottest topics right now have become players. In this regard, it was not long before Activision said in a message that PC users need nearly 175 GB of free space to install Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is recommended considering the expansion packs and content expanding the game. Has been.

Now that we are just a few weeks away from the release of Hideo Kojima's latest work, Death Stranding, the space required to install the game on the PlayStation 4 console has become one of the main concerns of fans, because the game world is open to the world. It is designed and the details of its environment are very high, so it is not unlikely that we will encounter a large title. Following these concerns, a group of fans of Atisheh have finally figured out the size of the game by examining the image on the back of the Bundle Death Stranding limited edition version of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

According to these people, it seems that the volume of Death Stranding game is about 55 GB, which will probably increase depending on the release of updates and additional content. In the meantime, it's not bad to know that other exclusive games on the PlayStation 4 console, including Marvel's Spider-Man, have a similar volume to this title, although the release of additional packages and various updates, the volume of which is even 55 GB. Has passed.

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In other news related to Deathstranding, the process of making and developing this title ended with all the various ups and downs, and the game has become the so-called gold. The game's gold digging means that work on the original version of Death Stranding has just been completed at Kojima Productions' newly established studio, which has been handed over to Sony Interactive Entertainment for worldwide release. In short, this title will undoubtedly reach the players in due time.

Death Stranding will be released on November 17 this year (November 8) by Sony Interactive Entertainment on the PlayStation 4 console. To date, however, there have been many reports of the release of this title on a personal computer platform, which has not yet been confirmed or denied by Hideo Kojima. However, the release of this work from the list of exclusive PlayStation works has made PC gamers hope for the release of this version.

At the end of the news, what is your opinion about the volume of Death Stranding? Do you think this title will have a volume equivalent to 55 GB, or like other great works such as the modern Calf Duty Warfar, we have to dedicate a large part of the PlayStation 4's memory to this game? Share your personal opinions with us and other media users.


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