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Game Grand Theft Auto V will probably soon is free

media – based on the reports released, it seems that the game Grand Theft Auto V coming soon in the store Epic Games for free dedicated users of the platform Zune will be.

the company Epic Games after the establishment of the first store, your digital to the name of the Epic Games Store., the competition intimately with the popular network Steam has started and so far from the methods گونانی to satisfy users, the Zune bases, and even the creators of video game use has. For example, these stores each week, two games for absolutely Free at the disposal of their subscribers that puts the With get games, for can always experience the fun.

now, recently rumored that the game is free next week, Epic Games Store., the Masterpiece studio Rockstar Games, namely Grand Theft Auto V will be. This title is more than seven years from its release is going on. it seems that over the next week for free at the disposal of the holders of the platform of the personal computer used. The important thing is that the supply of free game, although for a short time will be, but with the get game for can always experience it pay. Of course, this news still is the company Rockstar Games or tic-U اینتراکتیو not verified and only website Gamepressure pointed it out. Accordingly, it is expected that the title of the day, 26 May (the fifteenth of the month to 31 May (twenty-first month) in the store Epic Games for free to platform personal computer will be supplied.

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the release of GTA he for free in the store Epic Games so far did not expect, because the recently rumored company راکستار games soon of games, this new collection of curtains takes. The introduction of the new version of series, also, غیرمتحل not, because less than a few months to start the generation of the ninth of game industry, the video debris and the two companies, Microsoft and Sony in the late years of the current consoles, the Xbox series the Xbox and PlayStation 5 have shipped, they will. Hence, the release of GTA V to be free can be satisfying millions of Zune bases for the company’s Rockstar Games to follow have.

it is the … the popular game Grand Theft Auto V now on the consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as a platform personal computers are available.


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