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Income game Fortnite Mobile to over a billion dollars.

media – according to recent reports, the company statistical Sensor Tower, income game Fortnite Mobile up to today, from the border of a billion dollar Cross has.

فورتنایت one of the most popular and highest games of the last few years the industry of video games can be considered that thanks to the new style battle royal. the up to date players, a lot of, attracting, and with the passage of time, the more you can be. This title not only among the most popular titles, consoles and platforms, personal computers are located, but also in between the Games, Mobile also the countless devotees and the system of payment within the program, the revenues of vast sums to manufacturer, namely Epic Games, along with earned.

according to the report, the company’s new Sensor Tower (Sensor Tower) that has the duty to evaluate the amount of income games, policies. to date, players Fortnite Mobile over a billion dollars in the payment system within the application of this title have cost. The interesting point here is that this income is only related to the mobile version of the game and includes the proceeds from the sale of the loot boxes and decorative items in the version of the consular and Zune, this effect will not be.

in continuation of this report, Sensor Tower claims that since the outbreak of the virus Corona, and declared a quarantine millions of people around the world, earning the game dramatically increased. Of course the retreat people, the only reason is the growth of income is not holding a virtual concert Trois Scott in the game فورتنایت that long ago, record the number of players simultaneously to defeat (the number of players simultaneously Fortnite to more than 12.3 million), etc. are also in this income as effective has been. Plus, the release of فورتنایت in the store Google Play Store are also other reasons that increase sales, decorative items, etc. extension packs, and other loot box this is the title to look for.

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also, been told that income game Fortnite Mobile in the month of April the current year (late April to mid-May), more than 44.3 million dollars. This is while earn this title in the month of April only equal to the 23.3 million dollars. That the impact of the virus Corona, and the willingness of people to experience the game and use the payment system within the app, the game will reveal. According to Sensor Tower, etc., players, American, continues to be lavishly most users فورتنایت that are up to date 632.2 million spent on the game have. In other words, over half the Viv Epic Games from the mobile version of Fortnite belongs to the country UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

the game فورتنایت now on the platform, the Xbox., the PlayStation 4, and Nintendo managed, and personal computer are available. In addition to these, etc. iPhone users and Android phones can also be experience free game on the platform of your enjoy.


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