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Making the game The Last of Us Part 2 end

media – studio ناتی Doug recently with the release of a trailer, exciting, etc., officially announced that the process of making the game The Last of Us Part 2 has ended.

The Last of Us Part 2 one of the انتظارترین and the game eighth-generation can be considered that during the recent days because of Le, go, photos, videos, and important parts of the story, with a lot of problems faced and the margin of its perimeter to come there. In addition to all this the ups and downs, etc., eventually making it as a fully end-to-end ناتی Dog (Naughty Dog) in the days of quarantine and the closure of his studio, in the end, this project will fully complete the has. In other words, the title to the so-called gold and its release date will not change.

Mr Neil دراکمن (Neil Druckman), author and director of the game, in particularly the completion of the process of the development of the game announced:

DD: I know that you sent the game less than 46 the other day to the market will supply. In the last month to inform you رساندنیم that, because of the conditions of the new world and the outbreak of the virus, Corona, etc. to be supplied this title to-day the nineteenth of June this year was postponed and we. Thus, in a few weeks more time to complete the game and create a series of elements new we had, but now I have two disc Ultimate game with my eyes, I see [making the game come to an end].

Gold game in principle, in the sense that The Last of Us Part 2 now, in order to release worldwide, to the company, the publisher, the company’s Interactive Entertainment, Sony posted and the date of supply of the effect under the terms of the technical problems, but no does not change. Of course, in these days the epidemic of the virus corona a lot of problems for the industry of video games is brought up. it is possible that shipping and send the game to stores around the world, in accordance the plan forward, and finally saw the delay again, the game we. However, the company Sony a few weeks ago, supply this is as expected because the virus کوید-19 and its prevalence in the world, a little more back threw. Accordingly, it is expected that company’s Interactive Entertainment consider all the possibilities, this game is very popular at the time designated to the hands of the users PlayStation 4 console finish.

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the game The Last of Us Part 2 after two delay times, present, this time because of the massive outbreak of the virus Corona on the 30th day of June of the current year (19 June year ad 2020) exclusively for the console PlayStation 4 will be released. Speculation suggests that in addition to the game platforms mentioned, in the not so distant future into the hands of the holders, the PlayStation 5 will arrive.


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