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New game Titanfall in under construction not

media – one of the founders of the studio ریسپاون it in dialogue a recent officially noted that the developer team مشفول making the new game Titanfall is not.

while the success of the first version of the game تایتانفال grounds for making the next version of this series provided, but the poor performance of Titanfall 2 and the lack of fulfillment of expectations of Electronic Arts Inc from the sale of it. the future strange for this series, the figure ran and it looks like this: the process of collection development, also for the duration stopped.

now is a great time to start generation of the ninth, and the supply of two consoles, Xbox series Xbox and PlayStation 5 left, etc. recently reported a lot, particularly the construction and supply تایتانفال 3 for the next generation to hear, it appears that the increase in speculation, in the end, Mr. Vince زامپلا (Vince Zampella), one of the founders of the studio ریسپاون it, and the director of the current studio, DICE LA, during an interview with the website IGN to this thread reacted.

in the dialogue stated that now no a specific schedule for the construction of the new game Titanfall is not there, and members of the studio ریسپاون it, despite the skill of the top of the … the development of collection activity do not. However, Vince زامپلا noted that is hoping in the not so distant future to witness the beginning of the process of making the game and release it to be.

Mr. Vince زامپلا in this regard, stated:

now, people with great talent in the studio ریسپاون it and دایس work and all of it in the construction of titles, shooting skills, have high. I now can’t go further about that, because we are going all of the cases we examined and, in the end, things excellent and marvelous job of selecting.

in exactly the terms that comply with the same principles that in the studio ریسپاون اینترتیمنت applied and a new game in a genre completely different was introduced, etc. again do this in studio, DICE LA do. We’re going to have things interesting and substantial to do. For example, going to the titular build that in the category compete with other games company Electronic Arts is not. Ideas are abundant and very interesting at our disposal.

read more … he next project studio, DICE LA, noted that illustrative the employees of this studio are making a game in the style of shooting are. Of course, زامپلا believes that this title has nothing in common with the other games company Electronic Arts does, and it won’t be with the other titles, shooter the company compare. This way, the rational next project studio دایس connection and resemblance with the set popular Titanfall does not.

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