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Sales of the game Minecraft for more than 200 million copies of receipts

media – based on announcement, the studio موجانگ, etc. not long ago the amount of sales the game Minecraft of the border two hundred million copies around the world crossed the.

a few days ago, the company موجانگ in an overloaded name and its logo changed, and the company is now under the title موجانگ Road Studios (Mojang Studios) to be known. Now, recently, the developers managed in a message to declare that the amount of the sale of the game, Monecraft around the world to more than two hundred million copies is reached. Also, been told that every month, amounting to 126 million people to experience ماینکرفت on the platform in different areas. In other words, in principle, it seems daily more than four million people experience this as enjoy that this is a theme for a Effect of old is amazing.

according to the statements of The مجانگ Road Studios, this is the amount of sales related to a platform specific, not selling games in all the consoles, etc., mobile and personal computer on the world. Thanks to this success and achievement, admired, successful, etc. the creators of long ago promised that the ability to intercept the beam (Ray-Tracing) coming soon to the game will be added.

Minecraft Dungeons the game New موجانگ Road studios are to offer on the sixth day of June of the current year (26 months Year ad 2020) is planned. Ago, faster and stronger. the creators of April of the current year as the release date of this title, has announced that were illustrative of the problems caused by the acquisition of the virus Corona, and the closure of the studio موجانگ, etc. supply the game has postponed. The effect referred to in the stipulated time for the consoles PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and also platform personal computer will be supplied.

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in late September last year, the president, the whole موجانگ Road Studios in a message, the number of players, monthly ماینکرفت to more than 112 million people had announced. Hence, apparently, despite the passage of more than ten years from the release of this title, to browse the gamers a lot to the community, it added, and the number of users continues to increase.

the game ماینکرفت now on all platforms, including consoles, Xbox and. PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and also platform personal computer-based operating system, Windows, Linux and Mac are available.


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