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Steam of artificial intelligence to find the perfect game users, uses,

media – the company Valve اپاخر last year, the news of the launch of the laboratory of Steam (Steam Labs) gave up it for research and experimentation on new features, store, videogames use.It seems that the company plans systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide suggestions to the gamers will use.

in the last update, Steam, etc. users with games a new face in society. namely, instead of being Games new to buy to your offer., the games broadcast territory that was previously at the disposal of you have to offer you will..

this feature, like button, surprise me Microsoft is in this now for the Xbox launched. This button is a game for random for you will choose, but in the capability of the new tablet, etc. users of the options proposed, and the more targeted the right choice will be.

this feature in its last years sale, a random game will be. It is even possible suggestions Steam so you be attractive, that the memories and the style of play it for years to forget.

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