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The gaming world in the next generation of consoles will be huge

Click Media – According to recent statements by a number of game developers, it seems that the gaming world in the next generation of consoles will be much larger than the current generation.

While the outbreak of the Corona virus has affected the video game industry around the world, there have been recent rumors of delays in the release of ninth-generation consoles, but the developers are still excited about the development of new games. They are working. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Sony are reluctant to release more details about their new devices, and instead, a group of developers occasionally share little information about it.

In the latest news, two game developers recently expressed their views on the next generation consoles of the video game industry in an interview with the famous IGN website. Accordingly, while some consider the upgrade of graphics and visual quality of games to be the most important feature of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, it seems that the developers are more influenced by their processing speed and SSDs. Are. This makes the game world many times bigger.

Elijah Freeman, vice president of Games Division Studios, said:

Due to the higher power and processing speed, consoles such as the Xbox Series X, the world and the gaming world will be much larger and more detailed in the next generation than they are now. The important thing is that you can move quickly in these vast environments. It doesn't matter if you're riding in a high-speed car or riding a giant monster while watching the game world. Also, there may be no load pages on next-generation consoles.

The game world in the next generation Bryant Cannon, Night School's chief game developer, explained the console's SSD memory, as well as its positive role in removing download pages:

While next-generation consoles are equipped with SSDs, I think streaming the gaming world will be the most influential part of the gameplay. This is a problem that is not very easy to achieve, especially for small game studios!

However, we are confident that the cinematic stages and moments will load quickly. Thanks to this, we can create a world that runs smoother than ever without affecting gameplay performance and game speed. Because we don't have to hide loading pages, game developers won't have much trouble designing.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X-Series consoles will be released later this year. However, the outbreak of the Corona virus has plagued the gaming industry, with some reports suggesting that the two devices will be phased out due to the disease, as well as a shortage of parts for systems production next year. According to a number of speculations, it seems that the next PlayStation will perform better in some cases than the new generation Xbox due to the high speed of SSD memory and more RAM.

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