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The next version of Call of Duty this year, released

media – based on the recent statements by the CEO of Activision., the next version of Call of Duty, according to the program late in the year ad 2020 will be released.

for more than fifteen years that a new version of the popular collection Calaf dyvty annually at the discretion of the players are placed. However, conditions this year, due to the epidemic of Corona or the same کوید-19 compared to the past, more different and other unexpected happenings زایادی in the industry, the video game occurred. Despite being a new game, Call of Duty, to name a Warzone last month, into the hands of the players, audience and support the creators of it quite laudatory is, but this is the only new game from the collection in the current year will not be like this, and Activision in the fall of this year, another new game to the market, supply will, and no obstacle, even the virus corona can not chain and planning, the Call of Duty to stop.

not long ago, Mr. Daniel Alegre (Daniel Alegre), the CEO of Activision, in meeting the financial report the company to all the skeptics and pseudo-sharing about the next version of the series Calaf dyvty terminate alliance and a message stated that this as the process of making their development and well during and provides players with an awesome version of the other, this collection policy will be. According to this manager, it seems that the next version of Call of Duty in the autumn of the year ad 2020 will be released and the virus corona effect in the process of making and publishing the game unnoticed.

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also, due to the supply console, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series Xbox on vacation in Washington. apparently the next game Call of Duty as titles, days of supply, along with the console generation ninth, two companies, Sony and Microsoft available players will be placed.

the company Activision has yet to officially from this game blinds governors. However, there are rumors that on the basis of it. this next game set in the world of BlackBerry, Epps (Black Ops) stream is the Cold War to Vietnam to the image will take. According to the information listed, probably marketing and advertising official game will begin soon, and the company Activision is also likely over the coming weeks with the release of a short trailer, etc. officially, from the title, expected be unveiled, because the virus کوید-19 no irregularities in the process of making the game not created yet and the game without any delay time. In the late autumn of this year on the platform of Xbox., the Xbox series, X., the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 and PCs will be released.



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