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The number of users of the service, PlayStation Now, to 2.2 million

media – the Japanese company Sony awhile ago in the meeting financial report a recent announced that the number of users of the service, PlayStation Now from the border of the 2.2 million people crossed the.

company Interactive Entertainment, Sony, recently, meeting, financial reports, and a few months, your recent with the presence of the directors held during this meeting, the number of users of the service, PlayStation Now more than 2.2 million people, announced. This is while the service in the last six months, only a million users, found that rational number of its subscribers in the past few months, close to two-fold.

among the reasons that lead to increase two times the number of users of the service, PlayStation Now, has been, etc. can be used to release a game exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man in the service noted. Apart from the title, Sony in the last few months as the various titles and a variety of the way the service shared their has. Plus, it is possible to experience the game offline as well in the expanding community of PS Now has a positive impact is. With all of this, although PlayStation Now, the path of progress taken, but still the way he takes to get to the Downloads, Xbox., Ltd. since Microsoft is likely to start generation, ninth, etc. Sony to compete with his opponent, special attention to this service will.

another service subscription, the PlayStation Network called PlayStation Plus that lets you experience part of multiplayer online games for the users provides the … recently, setting new records in the field, the number of subscribers to the patented. According to Sony, in the last quarter, nearly 2.7 million people to gather users PS Plus were joined mention it, the number of users of this service to 41.5 million people. It is interesting to know that this service is in range, similar to last year, only 36 million members found. Of course, the company, Sony claims that the epidemic of the virus Corona, and the quarantine people in more parts of the world, has caused the sale of digital entertainment, including games, to significantly increase the thread for PSN and service sharing, it is also true.

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according to Sony and Microsoft, consoles, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series Xbox in the Christmas holidays of this year was released the market will be. However, the outbreak of the virus Corona, although the games industry, the problems faced have, but the process of making the new system remains consistent planning, the former continues and even reports suggest that the Redmond, the process of mass production, Xbox new have recently begun (the Xbox series The X at the stage of production to-day).


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