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The sale of the game GTA V from the border of 130 million copies crossed

media – the company tick, you اینتراکتیو not long ago reported in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year has been stated that the amount of sales the game GTA V around the world to more than 130 million copies is reached.

with all the guts to play GTA, he can be the most successful effect, date industry video game called that during the past seven years has always been in collecting the best-selling games weekly, and monthly many stores to. The title of the record best-selling entertainment history in the United States, it has and continues to be a community game, with the passage of time expands.

in most recent news, company tick you اینتراکتیو (Take-Two Interactive), which is the original publisher of GTA V can be considered, at the meeting report the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019 – 2020 own figures, the New Sales of this title, shared. According to the statements of the CEO of the company, Mr. Strauss زلنیک (Strauss Zelnick), from the time of release of the game until the last day of March of the current year was more than 130 million copies of GTA in all over the world to sell is reached.

according to the parent company of Rockstar Games, sales of 130 million copies, GTA V, related to all platforms and this is as in the last quarter sell very well experienced. Apparently, the epidemic of the virus Corona in the month of March a great impact on the sales of this title is laid out. Also, have in mind that the proceeds from this title, just to sell it not and part multiplayer online game that GTA Online is famous for. thanks to the payment system within the program to date revenues huge sums for the company, your manufacturer, along with earned.

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the game Red Dead Redemption 2, which is the newest built studio Rockstar Games enumerated can be. also the sale of a significant experienced. According to tick you اینتراکتیو, sales of this title, from the time of release until mid-April this year, nearly 31 million copies have been. Generally, the company’s mother alleges that the net income in fiscal year 2019 – 2020 to more than three billion dollars, which compared with income increments, similar to last year, a 35 percent increase. Have been told that a large part of this income related to the sale of digital games, is that in the financial year, the recent close, with growth of 41%, the policy is the problem.

both the effect of the popular Grand Theft Auto V and the rejection of their ردمپشن 2 now on the consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as a platform personal computers are available.


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