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Ubisoft in late July, an event digitally held in

media – the company Ubisoft hours ago in Twitter account stated that in twenty and my second of July this year, an event, a digital to name Ubisoft Forward will be held.

the acquisition of the virus Corona in all over the world, dilemmas a lot for the industry of video games have been looking for. Of the delay in the release of the game, the expected has taken up the abolition of many of the exhibitions, etc., all caused by maintaining the health of the people and prevent the spread of uncontrollable the disease in the world. In the meantime, a E3 2020 also awhile ago for the same reason, for the first time in the history of this exhibition was cancelled, and companies including Microsoft and Ubisoft to persuasion program and press conferences of their scuffles.

however, Microsoft, because of the introduction of full games, generation, ninth, and also the unveiling of the all the features of the console Xbox series X-rays. looking to hold live stream different ways during the coming weeks, and even the first part of this program a few days ago in the form of human rights norms, Xbox held. Now it seems that the French company, Ubisoft, is similar to Redmond in. soon a ceremony Digital will hold up in the flow of it from games, and projects, your new curtains leap.

the company recently with the release of the tweet in a new page, the official network Twitter, announced that the event digitally under the title, Ubisoft Forward on 22 July this year (the twelfth month of July) is held, during which the … news, images, videos and a lot of the games expected this, the French company with the supporters and the players will be shared.

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Ubisoft on Twitter account on this subject wrote:

this date, do not forget! The Twelfth of July (22 July this year) in the event of digital, Ubisoft, Forward, join us. A ceremony completely online and digital, during which news of individual of Game, introduction and other items, will be shared.

this is the first time the company Ubisoft decided to hold an event, Digital Signage is taken. It is expected that in this ceremony saw the release information and trailers, more game, Rainbow Six: Quarantin., the Gods & Monsters, And Watch Dogs: Legion, we. Also, because a few days ago a new game series asasyn creed called Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla intro was definitely the creators of more videos from this title to show, they will hung up.

the new console Xbox series Xbox in the Christmas holidays the current year will be shipped. On the side of the device, Sony also PlayStation console 5 for release in late this year, planning has. This is while some believe the outbreak of the virus Corona probably supply both console generation, the ninth to postpone the want threw. Of course, Microsoft and Sony up to date on various messages have noted that the new systems under the impact of the virus Corona has been and continues to be at the appointed time, into the hands of users will hit.


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